Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Book, done and dusted..

It goes without saying, the longer you have to do a translation, the longer you will take.

Boy, I was glad to finally hand in the final version of the infamous chef's recipe book. I'd got a little tired of having my mouth constantly watering, to only find that my fridge was bare of ingredients (when I'm on a project, the housework/shopping gets left for later).

It will be interesting to see how it actually translates, not in the literal sense - that work is already done, but whether it achieves good sales, although the print run is going to be limited. It's not going on sale here, so I just hope the editorial might give me a copy.

Will keep Amazoning over the next few months to see if anything comes up..


Gonecaving said...

heya sis, Any idea where it will be on sale?

Lyd said...

I've a feeling that it will only be on sale in his restaurant in Dubai! Been googling the name but haven't come across anything so far..

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