Monday, 25 August 2008

Green miracle ingredient!

Today I'm quite pleased with myself.. Somehow I've managed to grow three amazing Basil plants without killing them off! I'm not known for my green fingers, usually forgetting to water plants after a few days, but with Basil it's different as I keep thinking of the great end results! Didn't have as much luck with the mint and parsley I'd planted - the seedlings dried out even before they started to grow.. It's back to buying established plants!

So it looks like Pesto tonight.. Love it, goes on anything just like Jamie Oliver says; toast with sun-dried tomatoes, mingled in pasta.. or maybe I'll be lucky and E will bring home some office-grown tomatoes (yep, I did type right, his office has their own vegetable plot and take turns in watering the tomato plants! Definitely a new executive de-stress plan!)

My pesto is the same as the basic, but I use Arbequino olive oil from Tortosa as it has a much stronger olivy taste meaning that it can stand up to the strong taste of basil and garlic, and I tend not to toast the pinenuts as I find it create a much creamier end result..

handful of basil leafs
a clove of garlic
Arbequino olive oil
Chuck it all into a mortar and grind for your life! ;-)

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